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2019: A Checklist for Email Marketers

2019 Email Marketers

Happy 2019 Email Geeks! It is now day 3 of 365 days, which means everyone is working hard on creating their New Year’s resolutions – whether it’s going to the gym daily, clean eating, or saving money. Very rarely do you see these resolutions actually last? According to U.S News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Not for Email Marketers, however, because Webbula is here to bring that number down.  In this article, we will discuss what should be on your resolution lists for 2019. So put on your sweatbands, grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started. So what should be on your resolution lists this year?

  1. An Email List Free of Hidden Lurking Threats.
  2. More Customer Data for Targeting Purposes

Great News, we can provide the answers to both of these resolutions with our Industry Leading Multi-Method Email Hygiene and Data Appending Services. Here’s how we can help with both.

       1. Webbula’s Multi-Method Email Hygiene 

With Webbula’s Multi-Method Email Hygiene you will be stress-free from the annoying hidden threats that a simple verification provider cannot detect. Threats like spam traps, honeypots, screamers, disposable domains and much more. All of which can ruin your sender reputation, hurt your deliverability and send you right to a blacklist. A simple verification or validation test only detects, greylisting and typos, but what about all of the other threats listed above?  (To learn more about the hidden threats in your email data, read our recent intelligence report, What’s Hiding in My Email Data?)

Now is a perfect time to get serious about Multi-Method Email Hygiene and ditch those simple verification checks in 2019, why? What’s the real Value of Email Hygiene? Let’s take a look at a very popular question.

Q: What is the return on investment with Multi-Method Email Hygiene MMEH and Verification?

A: Email marketers utilizing MMEH and verification outperformed those email marketers that did not utilize these tactics. Those who harnessed the power of MMEH and verification enjoyed higher delivery, open, click and conversion rates, as well as an email average order value (AOV)  that was 3.9 percent higher.

The Relevancy Group said that. Not us. They reported that quote along with an entire paper to back it all up in the recent research paper, entitled, “ The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene. Another fact you should take into consideration when planning for MMEH in 2019 is, “Email deliverability rates have been trending downward over the past three years, and as of the second half of 2018 had dropped to 87 percent”. This shows that real-time email verification is a necessary tactic to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an incomplete defense. To improve deliverability and suppress against multiple threats, marketers NEED to adopt verification and multi-method email hygiene.

The results speak for themselves, Marketers must prioritize the utilization of both real-time verification and multi-method email hygiene. One data quality approach is not enough. Marketers must utilize a hygiene cocktail to guard against ever-changing threats. Good news is Webbula is the only provider who offers both. We’re ready to check this off your list for 2019, are you?

      2. Webbula’s Data Appending & Data Quality

If you ran a hygiene test with us, and now you want to gain more valuable customer insights from your previous list use us! Webbula Data Appending, the best-in-class Data Enhancement, and Data Appending solutions.

Every month about 3% of customer data becomes obsolete due to changing conditions. Customers move, get married, change names, or pass away. Whatever the reason, this fact is why marketers are always in need of updated and accurate customer contact information. They can either obtain this information by searching for sufficient data or purchase new data. These options can lead to time lost, money wasted and absolutely no guarantee that the information you have purchased is real. Data Appends is the best solution for marketers who need to fill in the missing or outdated information in their data lists.

With our solution, you will be able to enhance your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. With Webbula Data Appends you will truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and their cross channel behaviors to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns.

When it comes to appending your existing data there is simply no other option that compares to Webbula’s Data Appending. Our data is constantly updated and certified with our industry-leading multi-method email hygiene filters that ensure accuracy and mitigate potential fraud, creating a truth-set that is unparalleled. Our data is self-reported, deterministic, and individually linked, updated daily, quarterly, and monthly. Because of the strength of our dataVault we are able to cross-reference against a greater variety of fields that often go back in time over a decade.

Complete your Checklist

Don’t be known as those people who set a resolution and don’t fall through with it. Now Email Marketers you have the chance to step away from the crowd and truly make your business proud, growing your email marketing by cleaning your emails lists and appending your data. Let’s start 2019 on the right foot.

Learn more about Webbula’s Email Hygiene and Data Appends services at


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