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Personalization vs. Customization in Email Marketing

Personalization vs. Customization

Customization and Personalization, we hear these words a lot, and we often hear people using these as if they have the same meaning. But do they really?  There is a clear difference between the two. Let’s explain their meanings and give you some ways you can customize and personalize in an email format.

Personalization vs. Customization

Customization is when you’re simply stating your interests and what you want while interacting with your nail lady on what color you want and what services you such as manicure and pedicure. Or ordering a smoothie at your local cafe is an example of customization.

Personalization is when a brand understands you (the customer) and your needs and properly meets them for you. You do not have to go out of your way to change something to your liking, it is already set for your arrival. Customer personalization is what everyone is looking for, people want their experiences to be easier and have everything already there for them.

An example of customization would be your music apps, back in the day when iPod was first introduced there was also iTunes, where you can purchase your music, and it will appear in your music on your iPod. Now there are many different music service apps that can personalize for you: Pandora, and Spotify to name a few, that can create a profile that will match your music needs based on songs, genres, artists you may have listened to in the past. Anything that you have searched, they will make a note and request songs on your profile.

In the marketing world, if you’re choosing what you want to see on your home dashboard when you’re creating an email campaign or designing a website etc, that is customization. You are creating it for yourself. Now if the software is analyzing your search actions, and then adjusts your settings by your interests that is personalization.

To make it simple, personalization is there to create a stronger bond and experience with the end-user while predicting his or her needs. Customization is something that takes time to put together to get it just perfect for your needs.

Personalize with your email campaigns


Questions are the key to personalizing. If you want to have an effective campaign, you have to know how to ask the right questions to your subscribers. Ask questions like, why they visit your site, why are they interested in your products, and what they will use them for to get a better understanding of your customers and how to target them in the future. For example, here is an email from Sephora, asking their subscriber to pick and choose what types of products they are interested in. Then after searches and the information that was filled out, Sephora recommends products.

personalize vs. customize

     2. Remember what their interests are

Now that you’ve completed step one congrats, you are now one step closer to reaching your subscribers. You’ve asked the questions, and now it’s time to personalize based on their browsing, purchases, and likes. Check out a few examples. Ipsy a beauty subscription company, mentions that after their study, they can tell you about all the favorite products you want in your next bag, also getting more personal with narrowing it down to hair products.

personalize vs. customize

The Takeaway

If you’re sending emails to your subscribers that are personalized, such as welcome emails, discounts, coupons, new merchandise announcements, etc. then you should know your customers are happy to hear from you. But remember, the root of a successful personalized emails starts with good data.

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