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Is Bad Data the Cause of Failed Marketing Campaigns?

Let’s start with a question. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about marketing? If you’re thinking customers, you’re correct. If you had other answers that are relatable you are also correct. Marketing is all about customer acquisition, in order to succeed with your marketing efforts, you must have a good solid amount of customer data. Why? Not all of your customers are the same, they all have different interests. Why would you want to target each customer the same way? You don’t, you want to personalize and the first step to that is having the right data.

Data is the quarterback, the leader of your organization’s strategies and marketing efforts. If your data quality is not up to par or you’re lacking data at all then you’ll end up making decisions that will negatively impact all teams from C-levels to lower levels in your company.

How to know when you’re guilty of collecting bad data?

In any bad situation, the best way to escape is first admitting there is a problem and seeking help. But how do you realize that your data isn’t the best?

  • Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate Data can be a result of customers filling out your forms with a fake email, name, birthday, address and more in order to receive whatever gated content you have behind the form. People are also guilty of fat fingering which causes a lot of typos in everyone’s customer data.

  • Outdated Data

People move, pass away, change emails, get married and change last names etc. If you’re not regularly cleaning your data you’re wasting marketing efforts sending to customers that will not ever see your content.

  • Missing Data

Missing data is another issue a lot of organizations deal with. How can you have a data set with a customer’s last name, email, or phone number missing? In this unfortunate circumstance, this lead isn’t going to get you anywhere, or you lose a customer.

What can happen to your campaigns when you have bad data

The results in using bad data to target customers can result in a loss of sales opportunities, ROI, lead generations, customer relationships and more. Your business will surely suffer if your data is useless. Let’s go over what bad data can do to your business…

  • Impacts Sales cycle pipeline

If there is missing, or incorrect information then it can cause serious issues that result in time wasted due to manually updating missing information or errors in your data. In order to run a successful marketing campaign, you need to be able to onboard new customers quickly. If you’re wasting time and efforts filling in the information yourself then you will lose time creating new customers.

  • Unhappy Customers

Are you having issues reaching your customer inbox? Do you see a lot of bounces? Hitting a lot of spam traps, bots, and other email threats? Do you have issues with logging in the wrong Id’s or simply misspelling their names? All of this can cause an unhappy customer. Who wants to receive an email that is not customizable to them, or worse, the name misspelled or is addressed to the wrong person.

  • Wrong data results in bad decision making

Incorrect insights are due to incorrect data and inaccurate numbers. Your decision making is based on the data and if your insights are wrong, your business might end up losing customers.  

How can Webbula help?

Email Hygiene

Webbula is the industry leading Data Solutions Provider. If you have bad data, Webbula can help you in many ways. When it comes to your email data, our Industry Leading Multi-Method Email Hygiene can help you identify the hidden lurking threats in your email data, unlike a simple verification provider. We have the technology to identify spam traps, moles, bots, honeypots and other harmful threats just waiting to destroy your sender reputation, deliverability and potentially put you on a blacklist. Learn more about our Multi-Method Email Hygiene now.

If you’re in need of protection of your web forms, Webbula’s new LeadHygiene service is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Webbula’s LeadHygiene provides you the ability to validate the information in your forms through our real-time API, and Batch file. By integrating Webbula’s LeadHygiene into your forms, you can confirm the accuracy of:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses

In order to decrease fraudulent activity hitting your forms, increase deliverability, improve your ROI, and create a better customer experience put Webbula LeadHygiene to work for you today.

Data Appends

If you’re missing customer data Webbula can enhance and append your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. With Webbula’s Data Appends solution you will truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and their cross-channel behaviors to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns.

We can also help you create audiences. Our data begins with a multitude of sources, including publisher partners, surveys, transactional events, social media, and other data providers. Webbula receives the data and applies our Hygiene to mitigate fraud. WebbuScore has then applied to the score the survey data for accuracy. Once complete, Webbula sends the data to on-borders for ad targeting campaigns. We have more than enough data to satisfy the most hungry campaigns. 

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