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Say Hello to leadHygiene

By February 5, 2019Webbula News

Webbula is thrilled to expand our products in response to the growing demand from our customers. Webbula is now proud to present leadHygiene.

Marketers, defend your forms with more than email hygiene. Upgrade your defense options with Webbula’s new enhanced hygiene technology. The first line of defense for your Customer Data Accuracy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Webbula’s leadHygiene enables you to validate your Customer and Prospect Data. You can easily access leadHygiene in three ways. Via our developer-friendly real-time, on-demand API, or use our business user-friendly Self-Service Portal, or use our tech-savvy friendly secure FTP.

With Webbula leadHygiene you will now be able to confirm the accuracy of:   


Webbula leadHygiene


Why use Webbula leadHygiene?

You can finally sleep at night knowing that accurate customer and prospect data is injected into your marketing systems and sales processes.

In addition, standardizing your data quality will help improve lead quality for better-informed prospecting, customer decision capabilities, and direct response marketing strategies with actionable Name, Address, Phone, and Email.

With leadHygiene, you can finally focus on other areas that need your attention and let Webbula validate your Customer and Prospect Data Accuracy.

Try leadHygiene today.

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