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Add Data Quality to your ABM Best Practices

Account Based Marketing

By: Steve Wagner, Senior Marketing Manager

Account Based Marketing (ABM), from small surgical strikes to revolutionizing how you attack your entire outbound marketing plan, is pretty standard fare in most organizations today.  

Marketing teams have positioned ABM to their leadership as a way to better understand who their target audience is, who their Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) should be, and what personas within those organizations should be used to personalize.  I’ve said it myself, and have heard other marketing leadership colleagues boast that ABM side effects involve gaining this valuable insight. 

This is accurate – but comes with a decent amount of risk.  One point of risk is if the data you’re basing your ABM strategy on has a high amount of inaccuracy.  Bad contact data kills a program before it even starts – something we’ve talked about before and severely impacts response, open, and conversion rates.

A lot of marketing leaders know they have a bad data set – and will spend a lot of their team’s (or the SDR team if they buy the sales leader a few beers) time doing pre-ABM launch research to ensure their personalized messaging actually lands at their targets inbox, phone, or desk.  I’ve asked a few people working for me to spend a good amount of their day doing google and linkedin research, taking educated guesses at email addresses based on a domain, or making calls into organization’s gatekeepers to find a direct dial or a home office.  The research does not happen quickly, often taking weeks to gain significant amounts of accurate updates because your team also has their REAL job to do.  Interns could be used, but while eager and full of energy, their business acumen just isn’t there yet and the chance of them adding bad people to your target list is high. 

Another point of risk is the inbound responders to your call to action forms or sales@ or marketing@email addresses (and therefore your marketing automation or CRM system). End result is that your ABM program you just sold to leadership won’t get started in earnest for weeks, and the results you projected are delayed that much longer.  Those projections may never come, and the effort may also get your data in worse shape than when you started. 



How do you mitigate these risks?

Webbula’s Data Solution is a best practice to ensure your ABM program connects at the highest rate possible and is as personalized as best as you can to find the unique angle it takes to make your organization stand out in a sea of content.  We can quickly give you a complete picture of your lists, showing you gaps and threats to deliverability.

Oh, and did I mention that we can add significant pieces of data that your sales guy didn’t find important to update the CRM – giving you even better insight into targeting and strategic decisions, or at the very minimum increasing your “random facts about the database” game.

Let me know your thoughts – shoot me a message at or take a free trial here.  

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