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A Trip to Honduras | Brian Sutherland, Database Architect at Webbula

By February 22, 2019Webbula News

Here at Webbula, since 2009, truth in data has been our passion. We are the undisputed industry leader in data quality technology, providing expert marketing solutions. When we aren’t working hard to mitigate delivery threats and enhance and append data lists for email campaigns, our team has a passion to give back to our community and others.

Throughout the year the entire Webbula team took time to support and donate to a wide variety of charities in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Today, we want to share a special experience from one of our team members.

Recently our Database Architect, Brian Sutherland took a trip to Honduras with his wife Christine to support a program for underprivileged children.

Here is his story:

I got to know a woman while driving to Houston to help people put their lives back together after Hurricane Harvey. Soon I would go a lot further than Houston with this little pediatric physical therapist named Christine, who I now call my wife.

For the second year in a row, I went with her to Honduras to support a mission and physical therapy program, for underprivileged children in Comayagua, that she helped founded 8 years ago. In that time the program has moved from her doing home visits to sending two Honduran women to physical therapy school and, finally, opening up a clinic last year.

Brian and Christine Wedding Celebration with Christine’s God daughter who is also in the program. She was born without half of her leg, and her foot is around knee level. Surgeons in Dallas rotated her ankle to act as a knee when her prosthesis is worn.


While my wife continues to work with the kids, and provide guidance to the newly minted clinic and therapists, I am busy fixing and upgrading anything that is needed, from extending wifi in a Franciscan Friary to gaining lost access to a hospital database and helping write custom queries for them.

Until the moment we left for the airport I was cleaning up machines, purging viruses, and installing new hardware.

There is always so much more that could be done.

Last year, we were married, and the Hondurans and Missioners wanted to have a celebration for us. It was a beautiful community effort and our story seemed to bring hope to many who spoke to us afterward. We were very blessed to have a wonderful wedding last year, followed by a beautiful honeymoon, and that we work for companies like Webbula who are willing to support us in life, love, and charity.

Even when it means time away from the office.

To make a donation to the Beata Margarita Physical Therapy Program. 

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