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How Webbula Data Fuels the Automotive Industry

Webbula Automotive Data

The Automotive industry has a huge opportunity due to technological advancements and the sheer amount of data in the industry.

Auto Dealerships and Companies should be more prepared to understand their customers today on a personal level.

This consists of questions such as, what are people looking for in the next vehicle? What is driving them to make their next purchase? Or motivating them to buy this specific car? And much more.

It’s nothing new, and a no brainer that in order to have good customer experience, you need to get on a one-on-one level with your customers- in other words, there needs to be that personalized experience. In order to create this awesome user experience you need data, but the issue is that the automotive dealerships can’t distinguish if a lead is qualified or not according to their metrics. So in this article, we will discuss the issue automotive companies face, and how Webbula can help.

The Issue Automotive Dealerships Face

Automotive dealerships are receiving leads every day, but they aren’t exactly sure which leads are qualified or not when measure with their own metrics,  it’s as simple as that. The good news is they do have a good understanding of the target audience, but when a lead comes in there are two potential outcomes, is the consumer browsing or are they a potential buyer?

Why is this important to know? You may be asking well aren’t they both okay? Of course, it’s good to know who exactly is interested in your vehicles, but you really want to target the potential buyers. In order to better understand your potential buyers, you must rely on third party data on consumers. What do I mean by this? There is a whole world out there of data on consumers interested in your vehicles, whether they are browsing or potential buyers. And third party data can help you narrow down your potential buyers, and also customize the experience for them.  

Let’s take a look at a few examples of data types in the automotive industry

Auto companies can use demographic data to determine whether there are children in a household to target SUVs or a van. Or target sports cars or luxury cars to singles or individuals who are older with a higher income. Let’s say there is a  teenage driver in the household ready to purchase their first car. These are all data points you should take into consideration, not to mention, lifestyles, hobbies, occupation, income, marital status, age and more.

Do you want better insight as to is interested in purchasing your vehicles now?

People’s lifestyles change every day, you can be a new driver, newly married, newly retired, recently moved, or simply ready for a new car. This type of data is called Trigger Data.

You may also be interested in the details of the car your prospect is using today such as year, make, model, legitimacy, size of the engine, fuel type, and more.

All of these types of data are great to have when determining who is a potential qualified lead. Let’s take a look at how Webbula can help you!

How Webbula can help the automotive industry

 Are you ready to test drive Webbula Automotive Data?

 Data you can trust to build targeted communications and customer loyalty programs. All of it self-reported directly from consumers and accurate down to the color stitching on their leather seats. With over 56 Million automotive records our data leaves no garage closed and can be trusted for those all-important compliance-based rebate and recall campaigns. We know the auto business and cover every single brand emblem on the road.

Webbula Automotive Data

 Our data comes from over 100 sources and is hygiene rated and ready to work hard for you.  If all you have are incomplete records, we can help you map the road that leads directly to your customers.

  • Discover household purchase needs,
  • identify financially capable purchasers,
  • and fine-tune segmentation to reach potential new buyers.


You will truly be able to understand your consumers wants and needs not only with Webbula’s Automotive data but with Demographics and Interest data as well. We can append the missing information and get your marketing campaigns back on track.

 There is a lot of power under the hood of Webbula automotive data –  it’s time you took us for a test drive. We do have a talking Webbula car. Check it out by watching our short one minute video, Webbula Automotive Data – Drive Deep Into Your Audience.


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