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Webbula Fish Fry Friday Bracket

By April 19, 2019Webbula News
Webbula Fish Fry Friday Bracket

As the lent season comes to an end, Webbula would like to share with the world, what we’ve been up to the past seven weeks. If you know anything about Webbula’s culture, the most important fact you should know is that we take lunch here very seriously. We eat at 11:00 AM everyday sharp. You may laugh, but if you spent some time at Webbula HQ, you’d be ready to eat at 11:00 AM every day as well, thanks to CEO Vince Cersosimo.

Since Webbula HQ is located in the Northern Suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA we visited all of the local churches, and restaurants and created our own fish fry Friday bracket.

Every Friday at 11 am we visited local restaurants, and churches to see who had the best fish, and sides in the area. We rated each place by taste, crispiness, size of the fish sandwich and how many sides, and toppings were offered with the meal.

Take a look at our journey in the sea of fish fry Friday:

Week 7

Winner  St. Ferdinand

Although every week was filled with delicious fish sandwiches, St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry took the overall best vote from Webbula. Everything from their excellent service, great fish sandwich, and the tremendous amount of sides to choose from, we decided to end the Lenten season with our winner. 

Thank you to all the churches and restaurants. It was a great season. See you all next year at 11:00 AM sharp. 

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