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How Webbula Data helps Companies Utilize Facebook Campaigns

How Webbula Data helps Companies Utilize Facebook Campaigns

Are you a Marketer using facebook campaigns but don’t quite have enough data? You’re in the right place. In this article, you will hear how Webbula will help you bridge the gap between you and Facebook to get you connected to the right audience.

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It can be extremely challenging to create and find audiences that will maximize your marketing strategy. Obtaining the necessary amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information to create an audience from scratch can be daunting, as well as being subject to incorrect modeling or forced to use a look-a-like audience which is not as effective or accurate. Webbula’s Facebook data gives you the power to use true potential customer identities in your campaign.

Webbula does this by using our extensive dataVault to help you solve these critical challenges. Our large scale database allows us the ability to append specific demographic and other PII targeted data that helps us create a complete customer profile for Facebook advertising. This includes past and present information like multiple email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and much more. We then take this appended data and perform a direct data share into your Facebook account using your chosen updated audience.

We can help you guide and collaborate with you on how best to achieve your potential customer/prospect list. Identifying what your potential customers look like (geographically, demographically, lifestyles. Etc.) we then use our vast dataVault to create a file containing all of the individuals that match your potential customer profile. Webbula then shares this created audience with your company Facebook account. Now you’ll never have to worry!

A digital Ad Agency recently purchased our business owner data in order to target this specific audience, and a medical device company used our doctors, paramedics, and veterinarian segments for their own Facebook campaigns. Webbula is here to help anyone in any industry tackle Facebook campaigns and bridge the gap between you and Facebook to send your next campaign off with a victory!

You can maximize Facebook targeting by utilizing Webbula’s industry-leading DataVault to create true customer audiences for your marketing campaign.


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