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Case Study | Leading International Dating Website

Case Study - International Data Website


 Webbula recently worked with a fast-growing international dating site that assists single men and women around the world in finding a partner.  Their dating service has already connected thousands of single people who wanted to find a soulmate. 

 The goal for this international dating site was to improve their deliverability and reach more prospects and customers through email, without bouncing and hitting malicious email threats that could damage their sender reputation. To help unwrap those challenges, we sat down with a key member of the organization.


The Problem: Before Webbula

The top international dating website used to send around 60 million emails per month without cleansing their email data.

They stated: “Our average lifetime of active users is 3 years. We were sending millions of emails each year and we discovered that we weren’t hitting the inbox.  We were running into a lot of spam traps, which caused our deliverability rate and our sender reputation to suffer. We knew we had to do something. After that, we explored another verification company, but we did not see much value. In conclusion, we found Webbula through a referral from a colleague back in March 2018”.


The Solution

 Before the dating site could apply email data quality best practices to their customer email data with Webbula, their team had to decide which emails they wanted to send for hygiene cleanse.

 They mentioned, “The hardest part of the process was on our end, namely, to organize our data and decide which emails we were going to send for hygiene cleanse. Working with Webbula was the easy part, we sent over the files and got our results within hours”.


The Results: After Webbula

 Webbula’s emailHygiene product flagged ~12% of their email list as invalid or reputation threats. That allowed them to be smarter with their spending on data received from their partners.

 After applying the results from Webbula’s emailHygiene process to their list, the quality of their email data improved, which allowed the international dating site to focus on the most relevant areas of their audience. This helped increase retention curve – a critical metric for their organization.

 “In the report, Webbula tells you not only which emails were invalid, but also flagged which emails were malicious and needed to be segmented, it was very helpful.  Thanks in part to Webbula’s services, we’ve seen a significant increase in revenue” said by a member of the organization.

 The results speak for themselves, not only for the industry leader in international dating sites but other organizations that rely on email. Trust Webbula emailHygiene to increase email list growth and conversion rates, and continue to rock at being matchmakers. 


Download the case study here.


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