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Did You Schedule Your Data Check-Up?

Ask yourself a question, do you skip yearly check-ups with your doctor or if you’re a parent allow your children to skip a checkup with their pediatrician? The answer is most likely no. As an email marketer, it’s also important to regularly schedule data check-ups with your hygiene provider. Why is that? In Part 1: Is Your Email Data on Fire? you were introduced to people who understand the struggles of poor data hygiene when you’re not regularly checking your email data for threats that could hurt your deliverability or worse, put you on a blacklist. 

Webbula showed you how to put out the fire, what if it doesn’t have to get that far?  As the data doctors, we advise our patients to regularly receive hygiene checks, here’s why.

What is bad data?

Dirty data might cost you more than you realize. Typos, outdated or incomplete information, spam traps, and other threats mean your messages don’t reach their intended recipients. This will cost you in immediate campaign ROI as well as lifetime customer value. In the worst-case scenario, dirty data will land you on a blacklist, resulting in pricey remediation and the inability to communicate with customers, prospects, and possibly your internal team. Routinely visiting the doctor for cleansing your database can avoid many of these headaches altogether. 

How does bad data occur? – The Side Effects

In order to start fixing your data quality issues, it’s best to understand what’s causing the bad data. Let’s take a look at a few side effects:

  • Inaccurate Data: Data that has not been entered correctly 
  • Missing Data: Empty fields in which data should contain. 
  • Duplicates: Any type of data that contains more than one record in the database
  • Typo’s: Accidental misspellings

How does it affect your health? 

If bad data is creeping into your marketing automation and CRM systems it puts your organization’s health at risk such as the revenue cycle, and the sales funnel. Take a look at a few ways bad data impacts your business: 

  • Loss in Revenue
  • Lower Productivity
  • Negative appearance on social media
  • Distorting campaign metrics
  • Failed sales and distribution channels
  • Bad decision making due to misinformed information
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Failed marketing automation actions
  • Spam issues

Schedule Your Data Check-Up with Webbula


Dirty data hurts your reputation and your bottom line. Clean data, however, allows for highly personalized messaging to reach your targets with relevant offers that drive revenues.  

Webbula can help you avoid the fever. If you have bad data, we can help in many ways. When it comes to your email data, our industry-leading emailHygiene can help you identify dangerous threats in your email data, unlike a simple verification provider. We have the technology to identify spam traps, moles, bots, honeypots, and other harmful threats just waiting to destroy your sender reputation, deliverability and potentially put you on a blacklist. Learn more about our emailHygiene here. 


If you’re in need of protection of your web forms, Webbula’s new leadHygiene service is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Webbula’s leadHygiene provides you the ability to validate the information in your forms through our real-time API, and batch file. By integrating leadHygiene into your forms, you can confirm the accuracy of: 

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses

In order to decrease fraudulent activity hitting your forms, increase deliverability, improve ROI, and create a better customer experience put Webbula leadHygiene to work for you today. 

Data Appends 

If you’re missing customer data Webbula can enhance and append your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. With Webbula data appends you will finally understand who your customers are to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns. 


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