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The Importance of Data Quality

The Importance of Data Quality

Data Quality is the lifeblood of all organizations. Working to collect the best data can enable you to market more confidently, create a better-personalized experience, and improve profitability. 

In spite of how crucial data is to every organization, companies suffer from incomplete, inaccurate, or missing information in their database. According to Kissmetrics, “Businesses lose as much as 20% of revenue due to poor data quality”. Improving data quality is paramount to grow your business. In this article, we will discuss what causes poor data quality, what factors make up good data quality, benefits and how Webbula- The Data Solutions Experts can help. 

What Makes Up Data Quality? 


The Importance of Data Quality

10 Benefits of Data Quality 


1. Confidence

Good data quality brings confidence and trust, but you’d be surprised to know that there are still companies out there that aren’t confident with their data. According to KPMG, Global CEO Outlook, 84% of Ceo’s are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing their decisions on. To gain confidence and build trust by your customers, you need to implement a good data quality strategy. 

2. Brand Reputation

Having bad data can tarnish your brand reputation. Has your business been involved in a data leak or unable to comply with data regulations? That’s a big issue. Protecting your brand shouldn’t be the only reason to maintain good quality data, but it’s an important step.

3. Save Money 

By maintaining high-quality data you will no longer have to struggle with the extra cost of fixing your bad data. According to Salesforce research, “The average B2B brand loses over 1 million dollars per year via email churn.”

5. Save Time 

Good data quality comes with less double-checking, backtracking for mistakes or worrying about if your data is good. Improving your data quality reduces the time needed for maintenance. 

6. More Effective Campaigns

The more you know about your audience the better your campaign results will be. You can create content or ads to appeal specifically to your audience. 

7. Improve Audience Targeting 

Without high-quality data, marketers struggle to target specific audiences, only being left with targeting to a broader audience which is not the most efficient way. 

8. Better Decision-Making 

Decision-making improves across the entire organization when you have high-quality data. You’re more confident when you make decisions. 

9. Customer Relationships 

Customers are your number one focus. If you’re not collecting the appropriate data on your customers then your business is going to suffer. When you gather the right data it will help you build stronger relationships. 

10. Compliance

You can rest your head on your pillow at night knowing that your data is following the right data regulation. A big data regulation, for example, is the GDPR, which is the European Union’s new comprehensive privacy and data protection law. 

 11.  Increased Profitability 

High-data quality can lead to increased profitability. Who wouldn’t want that? You can craft more marketing campaigns which will increase your sales numbers and your VP of Sales will be happy.  

How Webbula can Help You Improve Your Data Quality 

Email Hygiene

If you have bad data, Webbula can help you in many ways. When it comes to your email data, our Industry Leading Multi-Method Email Hygiene can help you identify the hidden threats in your email data, unlike a simple verification provider. We have the technology to identify spam traps, moles, bots, honeypots and other harmful threats just waiting to destroy your sender reputation, deliverability and potentially put you on a blacklist. Learn more about our Email Hygiene now. 

If you need the protection of your web forms, Webbula’s new LeadHygiene service is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Webbula’s LeadHygiene provides you the ability to validate the information in your forms through our real-time API, and Batch file. By integrating Webbula’s LeadHygiene into your forms, you can confirm the accuracy of:



Phone Numbers

Email Addresses 

Having leadHygiene implemented into your web forms eliminates fraudulent activity, increase deliverability, improves your ROI, and create a better customer experience. 

Data Appends

If you’re missing customer data Webbula can enhance and append your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. With Webbula’s Data Appends solution you will truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and their cross-channel behaviors to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns.

We can also help you create audiences. Our data is completely deterministic, and from 100+ reliable data sources, including publisher partners, surveys, transactional events, social media, and other data providers. Webbula receives the data and applies our Hygiene to mitigate fraud. WebbuScore has then applied to the score the survey data for accuracy. Once complete, Webbula sends the data to on-borders for ad targeting campaigns. We have more than enough data to satisfy the most hungry campaigns. 

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