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By September 3, 2019Webbula Video
Turnkey Webbula Webinar

Email Campaigning – It’s A Dirty Job

Is your organization angry about emailing? Do they blame you because your organization got blacklisted? Do you struggle to keep up with what is happening behind the curtain at email platforms, with spammers, and Spamhaus? Watch the webinar, and you’ll hear from three industry professionals about things like; how to get more emails delivered, what bad email data looks like, what is particular to peer to peer email campaigning, and lots more!

Watch the Webinar here. 

Katrina VanHuss, CEO, Turnkey

Mike Elliot, Senior Manager Email Marketing, Humane Society of the United States

John Alan, Production Operations, Blackbaud

Tim Hartley, Business Development Executive, Webbula


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