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Watch The Webinar | Deliverability Best Practices

By October 3, 2019Webbula Video

Webbula and Inntopia recently conducted a Webinar on Deliverability Best Practices.

Email deliverability is a complex topic, and inbox providers are constantly changing the game. It is important to stay on top of deliverability best practices so that your content reaches a person’s inbox and potential problems can be spotted before they snowball.


In the webinar you will hear from

Devin, Jensen, Email Marketing Manager at Inntopia

Kristen Connors, Email Marketing Manager at Inntopia

Steve Wagner, Senior Marketing Manager at Webbula


Key takeaways 

  • Respect opt-ins and opt-outs
  • List sources and list hygiene
  • Engaging content is key
  • Deliverability metrics should be KPIs
  • Deliverability metrics

To watch the recorded webinar visit

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