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Presenting the Limited Edition Webbula Email Threat Trading Cards | Collect Them Now!

By October 14, 2019Webbula News
Webbula Email Threat Cards

Have you ever wondered what was hiding in your email data? Well, an email list can be a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode at any minute. There are hidden threats lurking within your email data that can damage your ability to use your data properly, impact your Sender Reputation, and directly affect revenue.

It’s important to understand what simple verification can identify and what email hygiene can detect. Email verification can identify undeliverable emails containing bounces, greylisting, and typos, but email hygiene can go way beyond simple verification and identify harmful emails such as spam traps, moles, trackers, disposable domains and much much more.

The more you understand the threats hiding in your email data, the more you understand the difference between verification and hygiene. Relying on simple verification leaves your email data exposed to hidden threats that can negatively impact your business.

Webbula Multi-Method Email Hygiene goes beyond simple verification and detects the hidden threats lurking in your email data.

So before you send out your next email campaign, Webbula would like to educate you about the dangerous hidden threats in your email data with these fun Limited Edition Webbula Email Threat Trading Cards. If you’re having problems with any of these email threats, rely on Webbula to help you detect them. We know email threats.

Here’s how you can collect all 13 Cards

  1. Request Free Trial/Take a Test Drive form submission
  2. Join a Webbula Webinar and ask a question
  3. Share one of our email threat blog post, @ us on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter and add the #WebbulaThreatCards
  4. Comment on a LinkedIn post and tell us what types of threats you are suffering from or how Webbula helped you identify these threats. Use #WebbulaThreatCards
  5. Reach out to a member of the sales team and mention the Limited Edition email threat cards
  6. @ us on twitter or LinkedIn and tell us what you would like to learn more about in the industry and use hashtag #WebbulaThreatCards
  7. Ask a question on social media of a specific email threat you are curious about and use the hashtag #WebbulaThreatCards
  8. Sign up for an Inbox Pro’s Deliverability Class that Webbula is sponsoring
  9. Register to meet with us at any trade show/event or just come by our booth.
                      – November 6, 2019 | Atlanta, GA |   Brightwave’s Email Spotlight Event
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