Truth in Data is Our Passion

The Webbula dataVault powers the heart of all we do

Webbula was built upon a rigorous adherence to truth in data. From day one we understood that our products would only be as good as the data they were built upon and we strive to ensure superior data quality each and every day. Ultimately that is the cornerstone of our reputation and the industry-leading products that are powered by that passion – Email Hygiene and Data Enhancement.

What Does Truth in Data Really Mean?

All of our data comes from self-reported and individually-linked sources, which means that we never use modeled data to artificially inflate our database – or yours. But we don’t stop there. Every single bit of data that passes into the Webbula dataVault is also put thru the gauntlet of our Hygiene filters to check for accuracy, threats, and more – resulting in increased reliability.

We also rely exclusively on our own dataVault. We do not cache or hold-onto customer data like many other providers. Our dataVault serves as a truth-set against which we compare your data to illuminate flaws, issues, or threats that we then identify for you. It is purely a pass-thru, and unlike our competitors, we don’t hang on to your data. We don’t need to.

Our data comes from over 110 trusted providers and is powerfully comprehensive. Updated daily, monthly and quarterly – we are constantly adding more data and continually building perfection into the system. Our dataVault gives our customers the confidence they need no matter how big or small their needs might be.