Formulate a sophisticated customer understanding, target individuals across various devices, and deliver the most relevant experience through audience targeting data that is:

not modeled

not probabilistic

directly from the individual

Webbula Marketing Audience Targeting Data

How we create audiences with data

Our data begins with a multitude of sources, including publisher partners, surveys, transactional events, social media, and other data providers. Webbula receives the data and applies CloudHygiene to mitigate fraud. WebbuScore is then applied to score the survey data for accuracy. Once complete, Webbula sends the data to on-boarders for ad targeting campaigns.

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Over 1,200 brands, from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies, rely on Webbula data intelligence.

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Where does our data come from?

See why our data is authoritative, deterministic, and self-reported.

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Audience Targeting Data

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