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Welcome to Webbula insightData

Webbula’s insightData is the industry-leading service that includes more than 87% of all Americans constantly updated, cloudHygiene rated, and pulled from over 100+ sources – giving you the data you need to target your customers across all channels, including mobile.

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Data Collection Methodology

Webbula insightData obtains deterministic, self-reported, and individually linked data directly from consumers. This data is pulled from over 110 trusted sources – such as surveys, publishers, social media, service transactions, other data providers, and other direct sources. All data is subjected to our rigorous quality-centric methodology, which employs our industry-leading cloudHygiene solution to ensure all data is screened and verified for hidden threats like fraud, bots, traps, and much more.


Data Sources

Our data comes from a multitude of sources including internet providers, surveys, searches, government records, subscriptions, licensing boards, municipal directories, telephone and office machine hookups, 10Ks and other SEC filings, attendee registers, DBAs, web site registrations, incorporations, business magazines and newspapers, yellow page and business white page directories, county courthouse records, memberships, annual reports, automobile records, postal service information, and much more.


Data Categories

Webbula insightData excels at providing accurate data across Automobile, Business-to-Business, Demographic, Interest, Financial and Political categories. Our Taxonomy across these categories is comprehensive, providing insight that allows for personalization, segmentation, and specific-targeting of messaging, communications, and marketing in a wide-variety of audience use-cases.


Data Refresh

Fresh data enables you to target today’s consumers and decision makers. Data is constantly flowing from daily, monthly, and quarterly feeds into Webbula insightData, expanding our existing dataVault and validating, updating, and expanding existing audiences.

Data Scale

The Webbula dataVault lies at the heart of our products and provides unprecendented accuracy based on deterministic, self-reported and individually linked data that is never modeled. The constantly updated dataVault contains:

• 330 Million Emails, each one cloudHygiene rated

• Over 200 Million Mobile IDs

• Over 340 Million Cookies

• Over 375 Data Points

• 245 Interest Categories

Authoritative Data

Webbula insightData comes directly from over 110 sources and is based solely on deterministic, self-reported, and individually linked data that is never modeled. Period.

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Webbula insightData

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