LiveRamp is the leading data on-boarder, empowering marketers to use their customer database in their choice of online advertising platforms for targeting, ROI measurement, content optimization, and more.

LiveRamp + Webbula partner to onboard Webbula’s offline universe into a 270,000,000+ unique device audience and transmit the anonymous cookies to over 100 platforms, exchanges, trade desks, and bidding platforms.
Webbula is a top tier Oracle Marketing Cloud Branded Data Provider. Offering targeting data across the entire marketing funnel to power brand and direct response initiatives. Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle DMP) is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud where Webbula’s integrations are key and cornerstone to delivering the best customer experience, and actionable insights, for marketing customers to allow for immediate data activation supporting cross-channel marketing campaign success.
Oracle Marketing Cloud + Webbula partner to help simplify the complex ad:tech ecosystem and created a comprehensive “Little Blue Book” to help customers find the best partner with top tier branded data aggregators to offer data across the entire marketing funnel.  Webbula provides accurate offline consumer data across multiple platforms and databases including auto, social media, political, and business-to-consumer.


Targeted Victory (TV) is a leader in online advertising, online fundraising, email marketing, and integrated data management for political candidates and causes.

Targeted Victory + Webbula partner to enable marketers with a new, actionable outlet for Webbula’s sizable data offerings. Integration with Audience exchange permits Webbula to expose Webbula’s detailed data inventory to a wide audience ready to put it to work – exactly what it’s intended to do.
Neustar integrated marketing solutions, formerly Aggregate Knowledge (AK) offers advertisers and agencies a scientific methodology to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform.
AK + Webbula partner to provide access to a top tier branded data aggregator and offer data across the entire marketing funnel.  Webbula provides accurate offline consumer data across multiple platforms and databases including auto, social media, political, and business-to-consumer.


Lotame is the Data Management Platform (DMP) helping marketers, publishers and agencies maximize the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data.

Lotame + Webbula partner to bring their clients seamless integration and access to the highest level of audience data. Webbula was chosen to be a Lotame Branded Data Partner because Webbula offers unique technologies to help clients find new customers and improve their current customer relationships. With proprietary in-house technologies, Webbula can clean, refine, enhance and enrich data. Webbula also creates unique ways to evaluate and apply data.


LiveIntent is a smarter way to buy and sell ads in email. Our platform connects over 475 of the top brands with over 750 of the top publishers in order to reach consumers where they are present and paying attention: in email newsletters and alerts.

LiveIntent + Webbula partner to provide intelligent ad display within email newsletters and alerts. In near real time, Webbula’s Demographic and Automotive data provides the level of accuracy and detail needed to drive the ad display decisions within the LiveIntent platform.


Krux delivers cloud-based consumer data solutions through a combination of Big Data and proprietary algorithms. Krux has dozens of clients and partners and solutions that support cooler, safer, faster, smarter web experiences for more than 500 million consumers worldwide.

Krux + Webbula partner to leverage our joint cloud-computing models that allow broad scaling to meet the needs of clients of any size with no performance degradation implementing technologies required to handle this kind of hyper-scale with real-time data management to support digital publishers and website operators.


ActiveProspect is a marketing automation middleware platform that instantly qualifies internet leads. It’s called middleware because the platform resides between web forms and lead follow-up applications, such as CRM and Email systems. We help internet marketers automate their unique processes for acquiring qualified sales leads, and for building accurate email subscriber lists. ActiveProspect enables users to combine multiple services in a single integration and create complex rules-based lead flows.

ActiveProspect + Webbula partner to add email hygiene, verification, and correction into a real-time, actionable lead flow. Bad leads are filtered from email follow up, and incorrectly spelled emails are remedied to improve ROI.