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Vince Cersosimo Webbula CEO

Vince Cersosimo

Chief Executive Officer

If you were casting the part of an entrepreneurial genius wonderkind handsome confident CEO type - you wouldn't pick Vince Cersosimo - but only because he is too busy running Webbula! And he isn't a very good actor. But other than that we can't imagine a better choice to be doing the job. Not that any of us had a choice, he was here first. There are few people in this world that know more about Email than Vince and one of them is his partner Doug. For almost ten years now Vince has guided Webbula into a leadership position based on a strict adherence to truth - a position that is unusual in this often contentious industry.

And someday he may actually win that entrepreneur award.

Douglas Egeth, COO Webbula

Douglas Egeth

Chief Operating Officer

Doug is very much the Spock to Vince's Captain Kirk, a super-genius level technological android that enjoys deep sea diving in remote exotic locations. And swinging from ropes like an Ape. For some reason he also truly enjoys diving into millions and millions of data points, figuring out new and innovative ways to elevate email marketing to new heights, and pluming the depths of useful, transformative uses for that data.

He also lives far away from us way out in California. Which may account for our fond feelings for him.

Chuck Davis, CRO Webbula

Chuck Davis

Chief Revenue Officer

Carlos 'Chuck' Davis has been -REDACTED- from all the major players in the email industry, which is how we found him washed up on shore in San Diego caught in a Tuna net. After extracting him from the net, Chuck swore a life oath to uphold the ideals of truth in data and share those ideals with the world at large. Since that day he has become our most revered Chief Revenue Officer! (He is also our only Chief Revenue Officer) Chuck knows more about the email industry than anyone alive on the planet and there is no one better able to help clients navigate the rough seas of this industry than him. Our clients have all come to count on Chuck.

He may not look anything like the photo shown.

Lori Figlioli, CFO Webbula

Lori Figlioli

Chief Financial Officer

Lori is the most mysterious member of our Leadership Team because we never actually see her, so we cannot independently confirm nor deny her existence. What we do know is that bills get paid, the bank books are balanced, invoices go out, and small snack items disappear from the kitchen area. Who is this mysterious financial genius who is balancing a career, personal life, and who knows what else? No one knows for sure.

The truth is out there.