Email Verification

Defend your Sender Reputation by identifying invalid, fake, and fat-fingered emails


Trusted by thousands of companies, agencies, and organizations that rely on our data solutions everyday

We Identify 


Identify emails that will hard bounce

before you hit send

Fake Emails 

Identify emails that never existed

or no longer exist


Identify and correct emails that

want to hear from you

Verification Intelligence

Before you inject a new email address into your marketing systems and sales processes

it is a best practice to ensure you have accurate customer and prospect data.

Informed Prospecting
Customer Decision Capabilities
Direct response marketing strategies

Prevent In-Form Data Collection Issues

Immediately screen mobile user fat-fingered email mistakes

and never miss another opportunity to connect

Any Email. Anywhere. Any Time. 

Prevent Routine File Cleanup Issues 

Email address analysis & cleanup within data files prepares

email lists for new campaigns and marketing strategies.

Drag. Drop. Done. 

Hope is not a strategy but Webbula is! 

They don’t call us the Data Solutions Experts for nothing.

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Email Hygiene

Identify hidden and malicious threats like spam traps that email verification can’t identify alone.

Email Verification

Protect your sender reputation by identifying risky invalid, fake, fat-fingered emails.

Data Appends

Append accurate customer and prospect data for better segmentation and targeting.

Audience Data

Target individuals, increase ad relevancy and create new revenue streams.