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Spam Traps: Assorted Flavors

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Is Email A Goner?

Is Email A Goner?

| Webbula Helpful Information | No Comments
The Facts Don’t Lie There always seem to be plenty of news articles debating the death of email. Especially in light of upcoming GDPR changes, Facebook changes, and on-going concerns…
Webbula GDPR

Our GDPR Commitment

| Webbula News | No Comments
There is no doubt that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to impact everyone in the data industry, Webbula included. As we approach May 25th our passion for “Truth…
Spam Traps

Spam Traps: Assorted Flavors

| Webbula Helpful Information, Webbula Intelligence Reports | No Comments
There are few phrases that can cause an email marketer as much trepidation as “spam trap”. These hidden, invisible, lurking threats can be hard to understand and suddenly derail even…
Webbula Data Appends

Forward or Reverse – Webbula Data Appends

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If you happen to run a local retail store, or are the marketing director for a national fortune 500 retail giant, communicating with your customers is priority number one. And…

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