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If your Business Relies on Email, You Need Webbula.

Email Hygiene

Identify hidden and malicious threats like spam traps that the email verification process alone can’t identify¬†

Email Verification

Protect your sender reputation by identifying risky invalid, fake, fat-fingered emails 

Data Appends

Append accurate customer and prospect data for better segmentation and targeting

Audience Data

Target individuals, increase ad relevancy and create new revenue streams

Thousands of companies, agencies, and organizations rely on our data solutions every day

From non-profits to Fortune 100 companies, over 1,200 brands rely on our data quality expertise.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I'm very impressed with the percentage of appends you were able to produce and it was done very quickly. I look forward to working with you again on these types of jobs, and wanted you to know that our first email to this list just went out about 40 minutes ago, and I already have more engagement than the original append did a week after it went out.”

Digital Marketing Manager B2B Media Company

“Webbula tells you not only which emails were invalid, but also flagged which emails were malicious and needed to be segmented, it was very helpful. Thanks in part to Webbula's services, we've seen a significant increase in revenue.”

Leading International Dating Site

“Best Hygiene service I have ever worked with! I am always impressed with how accurate their data is. More importantly, clients are impressed!”

Travis WetherbeeEmail Deliverability Manager, Product Adoption & Support team at QuintilesIMS

“We were an early adopter of Webbula's List Hygiene and have incorporated it across our solution set. We continue to be impressed by the depth of the data - it's the secret sauce in our formula to increase our clients' deliverability.”

Brian ElliottDirector of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at Inntopia

“The Wilson Group was looking for data that was actually up to date and most of all accurate. I am proud to say that Webbula delivered on both fronts! Webbula was and is a great partner in the Data / Information Industry. With that said I highly recommend them as a partner for your organization, you will be pleased with the results. ”

Jeff JeffersThe Wilson Group

“Webbula Brilliant! ”

Brian RiceRed Clay Media

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