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Webbula Back to School
Post from August 16, 2018. Updated August 12, 2019

Sharpen Your Pencils and Get Ready to Hit Send

It’s that time of the year again, summer is coming to an end, and children are starting to get ready to head back to school.  And if you’ve noticed, the early back to school campaigns already began running right after the Fourth of July. But it’s now August, and the campaigns are coming in hot.

Christmas/Black Friday is the number one retail shopping event of the year, but in a close second is back to school shopping. So why not focus on releasing the best campaign for one of the biggest retail events of the year? Parents and kids are already packing their online shopping carts with new clothes, book bags, and school supplies. Let’s take a look at a few statistics on back to school spending and trends.

Back to School Spending

Consumers are becoming more and more confident with the economy, which means more money spent on school supplies. According to The National Retail Federation’s forecast, back to school and college spending will reach $82.2 billion in 2018, which is the third-highest total in the survey’s history.  With employment rates continuing to rise, and wages growing, consumers are willing to spend more money, and as students are heading back to school, retailers need to start preparing to meet their needs with supplies, and clothing.

According to a survey from, Back to school shoppers plan to spend $10.2 Billion on clothing; $8.8 Billion on electronics like computers, and calculators; $5.6 Billion on shoes; $4.9 Billion in school supplies like pencils, pens, notebooks binders, etc. And it doesn’t just end there, consumers are planning to spend more throughout all categories.

So before you send out your latest campaigns, here are a few tips to keep in mind as your planning.

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2019 Back to School Tips

• Make your campaigns more relevant to the seasons hottest trends.

There is always some hot new trend going on that kids and parents are obsessed with. Use that to your advantage, and create a campaign around what’s hot to grab your viewer’s attention. Being topical is important and helps to keep your messaging fresh and on point. Topical subject matter can be more than just trends and can often serve your brand’s messaging. Be careful however, today’s hot trend or subject can be forgotten quickly.

• Get the kids involved

Back to school campaigns are mostly about kids right? And while you can’t directly email children, try not to forget them. Yes, parents are the ones buying the supplies, but children certainly influence the choices that parents and guardians make. Children know what they want and need, keep their perspective in mind.

• Reach shoppers via social media

It’s obvious that most people like to shop online. Its quick, easy, and goods delivered right to your front door. Online avenues, especially social media, can help increase your website traffic and gain more revenue if you start marketing your back to school campaigns via your social media accounts. Create a banner that can easily be directed back to specific sections of your website.

• Clean your email lists

The most important step is to properly identify any threats hiding in your subscriber list before you send out your next big email campaign! You can create the best campaign, but without your viewers, its nothing. Make sure you’re ending up in their inbox, not their spam folder. If you’re sending to problem accounts, like spam traps, bots, moles, and more this could cause your sender reputation to suffer, and possibly end up on a blacklist. How does this happen? Check out our recent blog post to learn more. What’s hiding in my email?

• Fill in the missing pieces

Another opportunity is to use the data you have to fill in some missing pieces in your customer information. Consider using Data Appending to learn additional information about your customers such as demographics, interest, or other data to help you better personalize your messaging. Webbula Data Appends can help illuminate more about your existing customers or fill in missing data, and get your marketing efforts more focused. Learn more about Data Appending by reading this helpful blog post.



When you’re ready, Webbula emailHygiene is the solution specifically built for you. As an email marketer, you are most likely familiar with simple email verification, but if you’re not let’s take a second to review.

If you want to know if your emails are valid and invalid, email verification is the solution you want. If you’re looking to detect all inactive and active threats like bounces, typos, greylistings, bots, spam traps, honeypots, screamers, complainers (oh my!) then Email Hygiene is what you’re looking for. Simple verification is simply not enough to detect all of the harmful threats that could be hiding in your data.

In a recent research report, The Power of Email Verification and Multi-Method Email Hygiene, conducted by The Relevancy Group, they state, “Real-time email verification is a necessary tactic to ensure that email addresses are valid, but it is an incomplete defense. To improve deliverability and suppress against multiple threats, marketers need to adopt verification and multi method email hygiene”.  These results are no surprise to Webbula, we are here to tackle any threat that may be causing you and your campaigns pain.

Now start creating your back to school campaigns, but remember to use these 4 tips and to rely on the email marketer’s solution – Webbula emailHygiene.


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