Enhance your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and segments. With data enhancement, understand who your customers are, their interests, and cross-channel behaviors to send targeted email campaigns.


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Webbula Marketing Data Enhancement

How Data Enhancement Works

Enhance your customer list by adding PII, emails, and segments

Contact Append

Demographic Append

Phone Append

Lifestyle & Interest Appends

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Financial Append

Why Webbula Data Enhancement?

Our data comes from a multitude of sources including internet providers, searches, government records, subscriptions, licensing boards, municipal directories, telephone and office machine hookups, 10Ks and other SEC filings, attendee registers, DBAs, web site registrations, incorporations, business magazines and newspapers, yellow page and business white page directories, county courthouse records, memberships, annual reports, and postal service information.

Over 370 data points

330 + MM B2C individuals

130 MM mobile IDs

340 MM cookies

340 MM email addresses

Authoritative not modeled

Deterministic not probabilistic

Self-reported from the source

Learn More About Data Enhancement

Where does our data come from?

See why our data is authoritative, deterministic, and self-reported.

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Data Enhancement Data Sheet

Learn more about our segments and how to enhance your customer list.

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Interested in our data segments?

Request a copy of our full taxonomy to see how to turn your campaign into revenue.

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