We Remove the Nefarious Emails That Hurt:


  • Spam Traps
  • Honey Pots
  • Malicious Moles
  • Litigators
  • Blacklisted Emails
  • Disposable Domains
  • SMS Domains
  • Seeded Emails


  • Syntax Errors
  • Improper Formatting
  • Spelling Errors
  • Invalid Mail Exchange
  • Historic Bounces
  • Duplicates


  • Harmful Domains
  • International Addresses
  • Complainers
  • System Emails
  • Bogus Usernames
  • Profanity

bamgraphicWhat is Hygiene?

A service removing harmful data from your list including spamtraps, blacklisted emails, and other threats. We have an exclusive partnership with the largest spam trap purveyor in the world, allowing us to remove the most spam traps as well as develop a proprietary system identifying additional spam traps using sophisticated algorithms.
We offer some deliverability services with our Hygiene packages including bounce file suppression and MX Validation (validate directly against the domain name server to ensure it has the necessary exchange records that are capable of receiving mail-the process performed after the @ sign). However, Hygiene should be valued strictly as a preventive risk mitigation service for your resources and sender reputation.
Webbula technology also makes corrections to email addresses that have been entered incorrectly. Our system typically makes corrections, on average, to 2-5% of the file.
We work with lists of any size as well as email addresses that were obtained organically or lists obtained via a third party source.

Why do you need it?

No matter if you collected your list organically, through a third party or found it on the ground, you need to clean it before deploying to reduce your emailing risk. Perhaps you have a list more than a month old; email addresses go bad and several addresses morph into reputation-damaging bounces or spam traps. In addition, many people incorrectly spell or enter their address, hygiene corrects mistakes.

Spam Trap Partnership

We have an exclusive partnership with the world’s largest spamtrap purveyor, who works with us by taking your list and running it through their spamtrap and honeypot database, removing those harmful emails.

emaildeliveryWhat is Verification?

Verification is a service offering where we determine which email addresses will not be delivered and hard bounce right back to the sender. Hard Bounces are the second most harmful type of email data, eliminating these emails from a list is vital to a successful campaign.  Unlike some vendors, Webbula’s verification service is proprietary and does not have to be outsourced to a third party. Webbula is able to verify Yahoo email addresses utilizing trade secret and proprietary technology.  In addition to all of the popular domains such as Gmail, AOL, and Outlook, our verification service is also able to work with B2B domains making use of a specially developed grey listing technology.

Why do you need it?

To protect your sender reputation and increase your sender score. If your sender reputation or score is low you will have a harder time getting into inboxes instead of the Spam folder. If prospects never see your message how will they read it?

Emails that get delivered = GOOD. Emails that bounce = BAD…It’s pretty simple logic.


thumbsupWhat is Authentication?

Well first off, Webbula has identified over 65 million social media email addresses. We use proprietary technologies to ping those APIs and report back as to whether or not a specific email address is connected to a social media account. We basically hand-pick these top performers right out of your database.

These emails are virtually 100% deliverable, as you must have an active email account to register (and keep your account) with social media sites. You can be sure that the email campaigns you send to these addresses will be seen in the inboxes of the users.

Our Authentication service enables us to authenticate users on an array of social media sites. Webbula is able to tell if an email address is currently being used on one of the top social media platforms with which we have direct APIs. Our proprietary technologies ping those APIs and report back as to whether or not a real, human user is utilizing the email address. This process filters out secondary and disposable email addresses that are frequently used by users when asked to input an email address. This method almost ensures that the authenticated email address is the primary user address of the user, highly increasing deliverability.

Authentication can also be used as a social solution, calling social users to an action. Webbula can take your email list and split social users from non-social users, allowing you to deploy a social campaign to the appropriate audience.

Why do you need it?

Authenticated emails clean IPs, helping your emailing campaigns. Sending to authenticated emails also increase your sender score and reputation, in-turn increasing your chances of ending up in an Inbox instead of the Spam folder. You can also use these emails to boost your social presence by mailing a social call-to-action.

Founded in 2009, Webbula began as an email marketing company. We soon came to realize that emailing was tougher than it looked. We hit spam traps, invalid emails, honey pots…you name it, we encountered it. Ultimately, we ran into reputation issues that led us to believe that if we were experiencing these problems, then certainly there were other emailers in the same boat. We’re pretty innovative folks here at Webbula, and we love solving problems – so we set out to develop the best email hygiene system possible. Over the past four years our email cleansing technology has emerged as the most thorough hygiene service in the world.

Webbula is located in Pittsburgh, one of the nation’s newest technology hotspots. With the advent of successful Carnegie Mellon University startups, North America’s Largest Technology Association the Pittsburgh Technology Council, as well as a concentration of some of the country’s finest bio-medical centers…Pittsburgh is quickly rivaling Silicon Valley as a Technology epicenter. We also have satellite offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles.


Douglas Egeth

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Cersosimo

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Bogatay

Chief Executive Officer

David McCoy

VP of Sales

  • Detail
  • Spam Trap Removal
  • Honey Pot
  • Malicious Moles
  • Syntax Errors
  • Duplicates
  • Error Correction
  • User Verification
  • Authenticated Social Media User
  • Verification

  • $0.01

    Per Email

  • Per Email
  • Authentication

  • $0.02

    Per Authenticated Email

  • Per Authenticated Email

*Call for bulk pricing rates. $250 Minimum 


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