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Webbula Releases Expanded Data Vault for Increased Email Reach and Data Authentication

Webbula News

Webbula, the industry’s most comprehensive data quality provider, announces the expansion of its data vault with 120 million additional email addresses and 268 million new mobile phone numbers through new strategic partnerships and proprietary technology. The data expansion multiplies the email marketing, data expansion, and cross-channel targeting capabilities of Webbula’s clients.

 The addition of 268 million mobile phone numbers and 120 million email addresses allows marketers to expand and validate their customer data. Phone appends are a historic Webbula capability through Data Enhancement, and Webbula has recently developed sophisticated mobile phone intelligence to determine the quality of a mobile phone record. The recent email address expansion also benefits the Data Enhancement solution as marketers append their lists to fill the gaps and validate the quality of existing email data. Together, the expansion of mobile phone numbers and email addresses allows Webbula’s customers to leverage powerful scale while maintaining accuracy and data quality for their marketing campaigns.

 “Today’s marketer struggles to find accurate data quality they can trust with scale that delivers valuable results,” explains Vince Cersosimo, CEO of Webbula. “We believe the email address is the universal key identifier for individuals, because an email address is used for just about everything including account sign-ups and registrations, purchases, communication, app sign-up, and more. Webbula has been at the forefront of data quality and provides industry-leading data for campaigns in multiple channels including mobile. The Webbula platform provides an all-in-one data quality solution for email marketing and advertising campaigns.”

 About Webbula

Webbula is the industry’s most comprehensive data quality platform. Since 2009, our technology and world-class partner ecosystem have enabled us to provide sophisticated multi-channel solutions to our clients via CloudHygiene, Data Enhancement, and Online Audience Targeting. Webbula data technology enables marketers to mitigate email delivery threats, enhance email lists, and create actionable audiences for ad serving. For more information, visit to learn more.

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